$10 Chip Stock Every Investor Should Own for the EV Boom

Louis Navellier – the analyst who beat Warren Buffett based on total return over a 15-year period – just detailed one of his #1 plays for 2021…

And it’s not an EV stock or bitcoin.

Instead, it’s a $10 chip stock.

One that Navellier calls “one his #1 tech stocks picks of 2021” thanks to surging demand across dozens of technology segments.

“Getting in on this stock today could be like getting in on Intel in the 1990s,” Navellier says. “Back then, chip demand allowed Intel to soar as high as 1,700% over the years. We’re seeing similar market trends.”

Navellier cut his teeth on Wall Street during the 1990s tech boom, where he found Apple at $1.49… Oracle at .51 cents… and Microsoft at .38 cents.

He has also helped folks navigate previous chip booms – recommending Intel when it was trading for $3.60.

And NVIDIA in 2006.

Now he’s warning folks to buy this $10 chip stock for the coming technology boom.

“During the next ten years, we’re going to see dozens of new technologies come onto the market.  Electric cars… blockchain… 5G… And all of those industries need chips,” Navellier says.

That’s why Navellier just released an exclusive investment event for folks looking to cash in on the coming chip boom.

In this presentation he even names one of his other favorite chipmakers for free.

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