Renowned Wall Street Investor Who Called the 2008 Financial Crisis Says That You Need to Prepare Now…

The past year has been one for the record books, with the stock market experiencing an incredible run.

With the Dow Jones soaring 76%, the S&P 500 soaring 76%, and the Nasdaq soaring 95%, respectively.

But such landmark gains have made many investors nervous…

Many people feel like the market can’t keep going up forever – that a crash is inevitable. And they’re right.

A huge economic event is underway in the market…

One that could wipe out some of the huge gains folks saw over the last year while simultaneously sending a handful of stocks through the roof.

And that’s why one of America’s elite investors is stepping forward with an urgent warning.

His name is Louis Navallier. And what is unfolding right now is nothing new to him.

Navellier spotted major market downturns for decades, like the Black Monday crash of 1987… the dot-com crash of 2000… and even the 2008 financial crisis.

Today, however, he claims that a huge, monumental event is about to happen in America, leaving those who are not prepared behind.

He claims that few know what is about to unfold and by listening to his important message, folks can ensure they take the right steps to protect their retirement.

Don’t believe the hysteria and confusion from the media and Wall Street.

Instead, protect and prepare for this monumental event by viewing a warning from one of America’s best analysts…

A man who not only beat Warren Buffet over a 15-year period, but also found a dozen 10,000% winners.

Just click here to view his warning about this huge event today.

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In Growth Investor, we focus on today’s best mid- to large-cap stocks from a variety of sectors. The Buy List contains specific Buy Below prices and is always sorted into 3 categories of portfolio risk–Conservative, Moderately Aggressive or Aggressive–so you can buy according to your personal risk tolerance. Louis Navellier has been involved in the investing world for over 30 years. Since founding their research firm 45 years ago, their elite group has been responsible for accurately forecasting many of the world’s most innovative technological trends and breakthroughs long before they achieved mainstream acceptance.

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